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Animal cleaning and skinning doesn't have to be a chore. Skinning animals like deer, birds, fish, and even some reptiles is a snap with our Air Skinner kits. These kits are a must-have for the hunter, trapper, or taxidermist!

Please read what our valued customers say about the Air Skinner LLC air-assist skinning kit system. We regularly hear back from our customers about how the kits saved them time and aggravation.

We also hear new reports of different animals being skinned with Air Skinner kits (for example, one taxidermist wrote to say they used it to blow the innards out of a colossal crab)!

"If you’re ready for the ultimate time-saving tools for skinning animals, purchase one of our kits today! I'm always looking for ways to work smarter, not harder. As a hunter education instructor, I watch for products that make things safer. The Air Skinner is a smarter and safer way to skin deer! Let the Air Skinner do its job, and it reduces the amount of pulling and cutting you would typically need to do to free the hide from the carcass. Don't forget to follow the safety instructions!"


"I work for an outdoor website and had the pleasure of using your air skinner last season. It is cool up here in the north, so we usually hang all our deer and skin them after the final day of the hunt. Eleven deer hung for 3.5 days and were skinned easier than a fresh kill with this air skinner. Never done it an easier way. I would like to have one of these for my own."

~Chris Wiedenmeyer, NSO Pro

"I am the owner and operator of Turtle Farm Taxidermy. I met the folks at Air Skinner at the NTA Convention in Sioux Falls, SD, in the summer of 2005. I watched their video and was still a little skeptical about how it would work, so I purchased a starter kit. Well, I'm here to tell you that after using it, I called and asked for an upgrade! It cut my caping a deer or antelope time almost in half; in my business, time can be money. I have told other hunters about the Air Skinner; like me, they want to see how it works. So I told them to come by my shop this hunting season, and I will show them how it works. I have also tried it on waterfowl (a GW Teal), and it worked great. Thank you!"

~Terry Dimmer, Fargo Tank

"The "Air Skinner" works great for taxidermists. I've been in the taxidermy business for thirty-six years and am always looking for ideas and products to help me do my job better and faster. The air skinner does both. Inject the ears on a deer, etc., and cut your time down on reversing and removing cartilage. Partially frozen, freezer-burned, or dried-out heads will skin much easier and have less chance of miss-cutting if you inject them with the air skinner. It works great on any mammal. The air skinner is also high-quality, made to last a lifetime. Save time by using the air skinner; as we all know, time is money."

~Steve Fetzner, Fetzner Taxidermy, Cora, WY

My wife stopped by your trade show booth a few years ago and saw the Air Skinner. She thought it was a great idea and called me on my cell phone. I was initially skeptical, but she said she saw a video showing the Air Skinner being used on a frozen deer, which was apparently pretty compelling. I told her to go ahead and purchase it, but then I didn't get the opportunity to use it that year.

In the past, my hunting buddy and I pulled the hide off our deer the old-fashioned way - cut, pull, cut, pull, cut, pull, stab yourself with the knife, swear, cut, pull... I always thought there had to be a better way, so I looked forward to trying your Air Skinner.

I just tried it a few days ago, and I can't believe how easy it made the skinning process! After using the Air Skinner on a young doe, the hide pretty much slid right off with only a couple of knife strokes and some easy pulling, by myself.

I don't write many testimonial letters, but I just had to tell you how impressed I am with your kit. I've only used the Air Skinner on deer, but I highly recommend it to anyone."

~Steve, Eau Claire, WI

"I used the Air Skinner on chickens - I can now skin 10 chickens in the time it used to take to do just 3!"


"I own a Taxidermy business and just finished using the air skinner on a wild hog. It worked great! Cut skinning time down from 45 minutes to 5 minutes!"

~J.B. Speedy's Taxidermy

"After seeing a forum post, I was really curious about this device. So, I ordered one and received it two days ago. An older gentleman I know called me last night to assist him in tracking a buck he shot. He has poor eyesight in the dark and is color-blind, so seeing drops of blood can be challenging for him. Long story short, after tracking the blood trail, I found it lying for about 5 hours; it was really stiff.

So I was excited to try the new toy........

The Air Skinner was fantastic to see in action; blew this deer up like the Michelin Man. Craziest thing I ever saw. This tool definitely helped with removing the hide of this animal. I used an older air compressor, which only got up to about 90 lbs of pressure. It had no problem.

Now I need to try it on a predator and see how it works on smaller animals. It should have the same results as a deer.

If you were thinking about this device, I highly recommend it."

~Neil K.

"I purchased my Air Skinner three or four years ago, and I would not give it up for anything! It saves me a ton of extra work when skinning out a deer. I love mine."

~R Bazner

"I gotta tell you I had my doubts about this thing; JUST tried it on a "possum," & after I laughed so hard because I made her look like a beach ball, I made my fur cuts (cased) & the fur just rolled like a turtle neck sweater to her front legs, unfriggin believable! I will be trying it on coon next. THANKS AGAIN!"


"I know the air skinner has taken about 10 minutes off skinning ducks. We skin the head out; I insert the needle behind the eye and blow up the head. I know I knock off at least 5 minutes just skinning the head in this step. The wings are also blown up and are much easier to skin using the air skinner. Thanks!"


"I Just wanted to let you know my friend and I used the Air Skinner on a predator that had been in a freezer for OVER TWO YEARS! After a partial thaw, it worked like a champ. We got a great pelt, and I am buying a kit for my son. Thanks!"


"I received the original Air Skinner from a friend for my birthday a few weeks ago. He and I went deer hunting and tried it on a doe that we had taken just two hours prior - and it worked great! I wasn't sure it would since there was very little time for the field dressing edges to harden. Plus, we didn't actually skin the deer for another hour after that - yet the hide remained puffy from the air and pretty much pulled right off, with only occasional use of the knife. I am very impressed and recommend the Air Skinner kit to anyone looking to speed up a skinning job."

~Lucas B.

"This is the quickest, easiest way to skin an animal I've ever seen. I wish I'd had an Air Skinner kit when we were skinning 3-6 elk a day in New Mexico, it would have made things a lot easier."

~T.R. Michels, outfitter, guide, outdoor writer and seminar speaker 

"I used the Air Skinner for the first time during the 2002 gun deer season. We had a 130 lb. doe that was killed 8 hours earlier. I used the large needle with about a 100 psi air hose. I pumped the deer in all 4 legs. After hanging the deer by its back legs, it took about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes for 2 of us to have the hide around the deer's head. The hide stripped off with little to no effort and without any meat tearing. No one in our hunting group will ever be without the Air Skinner."

~Pete Komro, Hilltop Hilton Hunting Club

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