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How to Skin a Deer Fast! 


Having heard rumors of people using air to skin raccoons, we thought, “Why not deer or birds?” Skinning big and small game animals could use the same principle.


So, in 2003, through trial & error and long hours, the very first prototype was developed and tested. Soon, the Air Skinner kit was born!


The kits were initially sold at large gun shows and hunting expos in the Midwest and East Coast. However, at a chance meeting in 2008 with the operations manager of a large corporate web design company, we realized we could increase sales while traveling significantly less by selling Air Skinner kits online. 

Over the years, the kits were improved, with the biggest change coming in 2019 with the design of an adapter to attach the needles to a standard blower nozzle. 

More recently, we upgraded our website and made it easier to navigate. We'd love feedback on our new look & design! 

The kits may have changed over the years, but what hasn't changed is our commitment to quality and service!

We thank you for purchasing one of our time-saving kits! 

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