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The Original Air Skinner Kit from Air Skinner LLC includes needle sizes for everything from big game to birds.  Perfect for the avid hunter, this kit allows you to cut your skinning time by up to 90%! Hook up the appropriate needle to any standard air compressor, and you have everything you need.


What's Included:
(1) Air Nozzle
(1) Luer Lock
(1) Luer Adapter
(1) 8 ga. Stainless Steel Needle
(1) 12 ga. Stainless Steel Needle
(1) 14 ga. Stainless Steel Needle
(1) 16 ga. Stainless Steel Needle
(1) Durable Carry Case
(1) Instruction Sheet

Got questions? Check out the FAQ page for more information about the Air Skinner kit and how it's used.

Click Here for Instructions


These kits have been used on Moose, Caribou, Elk, Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Sheep, Fox, Coyote, Beaver, Squirrel, Game Birds, Woodchucks, Fish, and even some Reptiles (alligators). Note: Some folks have successfully used the Air Skinner on Bears and Pigs, but others report mixed results.

Air Skinner kits have been shipped worldwide - United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa.

Original Hunter's Kit

  • We get many questions from people wondering whether or not their air compressor will work with the Air Skinner. The easiest way to determine if your compressor will do this is to ask what you currently use your compressor for.


    Compressors come in all shapes & sizes, but if it is only powerful enough to inflate your car or bicycle tire, you most likely will not get the best results out of your Air Skinner.


    However, you do not need a large compressor - we use pancake-size compressors and they work just fine. And our kits orginally were intended for gas station air compressors, so those work fine as well! 


    We recommend 100-120 PSI and no larger than 3/8" air hose. 

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