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Q. My Air Skinner kit does not appear to be working as expected?
A. Chances are you are not using enough pounds per square inch (PSI) of air based on the animal’s size. Try increasing the PSI. Another common mistake is using the wrong size needle based on the animal’s size. If you aren’t getting the desired effect, try using a larger diameter needle to increase the cubic feet per minute (CFM). If the air popped out of the field dressing incision(s), check the PSI you’re using and adjust to 100-120 PSI.

Please get in touch with Air Skinner LLC for assistance if you are still having trouble with your Air Skinner kit.

Q. My needles are getting dull – what do I do?
A. While the medical-grade stainless steel needles are strongly constructed, they may bend, break or dull over time, especially if repeatedly inserted into bone or frozen animals. Air Skinner LLC will not replace broken or damaged needles under warranty. However, you may purchase replacement needles and other components on our site.