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Q. May I use the Air Skinner on deer that are laying down, not hanging?

A. Yes!  In fact, this is the best position for deer to be in.  

The best way to use The Air Skinner is to always start at the NECK FIRST.  The neck hide is the toughest hide, and starting at the neck first gives the most expansion possible in that area.  You'll observe the air going down the neck and into the ribs, shoulders, legs and the back.  When the air reaches the rump, stop from the neck  point and then do the legs that are on top.  Roll the deer over and do the legs that were first on the bottom.

I find that 5 points of injection, neck and 4 legs is the fewest places to inject on a NON FROZEN deer.  It's taken 12-15 points of injection on a FROZEN deer, and up to 150 lbs of pressure to get the job done.


Q.What is the best position for the animal to be in when beginning the Air Skinner process?

A. The animal should be lying down on its side. If the animal is hanging, the legs pull the hide more tightly and does not let the air expand the hide as far. It can be used when the animal is hanging, but the loss in effectiveness will really be noticed.


Q.What PSI and CFM is recommended?

A. 100 to 120 PSI at 5.3 – 5.7 CFM with a 3/8” hose. I have used up to 150 PSI on frozen deer numerous times, and as low as 80 PSI on unfrozen deer.  


Q.What size needle do I use for deer, and why the different sizes in the kit?

A. For the hide removal of a deer, small buck, or doe, (meat animal) I only use the 8 ga. Air Skinner needle. The 12 ga. I use for caping; less CFM, as to prevent too rapid of cape expansion and possibly damaging the inner lining of the ear.

The 14 and 16 ga. Air Skinner needles are for smaller game such as fox, coyote, and beaver, and I have even used the 16 ga. to pop the skin off many ducks. On teal, the skin comes off the breast bone nicely; a couple of seconds is all that it takes! I don’t adjust the air pressure, 100-120 PSI always, I just vary the size of the needle to change the CFM to what I want.


Q.Will the Air Skinner work on geese & ducks?

A. Yes! The Air Skinner works great on geese and ducks.

Use the 12 ga. needle on geese, and the 16 ga. needle on mallards. A quick pop on teal will separate the tough skin off the breast bone too!


Q.Will the Air Skinner work on raccoons?

A. Yes!  Many coon hunters and trappers have used the Air Skinner with great success.


Q.Will the Air Skinner work on beaver?

A. Yes!  Many trappers have used the Air Skinner with great success.