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Helpful Hints

Helpful Tips for large animals, like deer, elk, moose, caribou, etc.

We get many questions from people wondering whether or not their air compressor will work with the Air Skinner. The easiest way to determine if your compressor will do this, is to ask what you currently use your compressor for?

If you can run a 1/2" air impact tool, then you can run the Air Skinner. If your compressor is only powerful enough to inflate your car or bicycle tire, you most likely will not have enough CFM to get the best results out of the Air Skinner.

Lack of sufficient air volume is the number one reason the Air Skinner might not work effectively. PSI is not the only deciding factor when it comes to the Air Skinner. You should have at least 5.0 CFM with a 3/8" air hose to get the best results. Note that other compressors with smaller hoses, less PSI, or less CFM, may also work, but not optimally.

For more tips, please see our FAQ page.