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Wondering how to skin and clean a deer fast? With the Air Skinner of course! Discover how to streamline the deer and small game skinning process.

We are frequently asked the same questions about the Air Skinner air-assist skinning kit:

  • "Will it blow up my animal?" 
  • "How much PSI do I need?"
  • "Is skinning small game possible?"
  • "How do I skin a deer that is frozen?"
  • "Do I have to gut my deer first?"
  • "Do I have to gut a predator animal first?"

To help you make your decision of whether the Air Skinner is right for you, or if you own an Air Skinner kit and need some tips, read the questions to the left and their answers. Take a look at our skinning a whitetail deer photo gallery to see the process for hide removal. If you every have any questions about the Air Skinner, please don't hesitate to contact us.

General Questions



For instructions on how to use the Air Skinner on deer, please click here.