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About Us

Skinning Big & Small Game Animals

A fourth generation dairy farmer, George Lamon has owned, operated, and managed his farm for over 30 years. Constantly striving for ways to make his 7 day/week job less time consuming, George found a knack for finding creative ways to simplify and streamline his tasks. As he created more hunting time for himself, George turned his focus to simplifying and streamlining the task of skinning game animals, and the Air Skinner was conceived.

Having heard rumors of people using air to skin raccoons, George thought to himself, “Why not deer or a birds?” Skinning big and small game animals could use the same principle. Through trial and error and long hours, the first prototype was developed and tested, and the result can be summed up by the first words that came out of George’s mouth, and the eventual name of the company that now manufactures and sells the Air Skinner: “I’LL BE DARNED!” (ILBD, Inc.).