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About Us

How to Skin a Deer & Other Game Animals Fast!

A fourth generation dairy farmer, George Lamon had owned, operated, and managed his farm for over 30 years. Constantly striving to make his seven-day/week job less time-consuming, George found a knack for finding creative ways to simplify and streamline his tasks. For example, as he created more hunting time for himself, George focused on simplifying and streamlining the job of skinning game animals.

Having heard rumors of people using air to skin raccoons, George thought, “Why not deer or birds?” Skinning big and small game animals could use the same principle. So, the first prototype was developed and tested through trial and error and long hours, and the Air Skinner kit was born! 

George sold his kits at gun shows and hunting expos, traveling all over the U.S. However, in 2008 at a local game feed, George met Steve Allingham, the operations manager for a corporate web design company. With this new friend’s encouragement, George realized he could increase his sales while traveling less by selling his Air Skinner kits online. This chance meeting quickly turned into an informal partnership with worldwide sales. 

Sadly, George passed away in 2019 and is sorely missed, but his legacy carries on through these high-quality Air Skinner kits, still sold by Air Skinner LLC.